Second International Conference on Mathematical Software

Castro Urdiales, SPAIN, September 1-3 2006

Session 5

Title: Number Theoretical Software
Organizers: Ken Nakamula (
                       Michael Pohst (


In this session, we shall consider recent and future developments in number theoretical software. Computational number theory has become more and more attractive, especially because of its wide range of potential applications, for example in computer science, cryptography, coding theory, discrete mathematics, algebraic geometry etc. (see also Session 6).  Accordingly, besides the well established computer algebra systems for number theory, a variety of new and different number theoretical software is being developed.  We intend to bring together the designers of old and new systems as well as developers of algorithms interested in efficient implementations.  We also welcome any other contributions on improving number theoretical software.

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Ken Nakamula


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Michael Pohst


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Technische Universität Berlin

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