The Encuentros de Álgebra Computacional y Aplicaciones (Encounters of Computer Algebra and Applications) are intented to be a meeting opportunity for researchers in Compuer Algebra and Symbolic Computation or in its Applications. This Ninth Encounter is the natural continuation of those organized in Santander (1995), Sevilla (1996), Granada (1997), Sigüenza (1998), Tenerife (1999), Barcelona (2000), Ezcaray (2001) and Valladolid (2002).

We emphasize and specially favor the participation of young researchers.

This year's EACA is a satellite meeting of the  ISSAC 04 (International Symposium on Symbolic and Algebraic Computation) that will also take place in Santaner, from July 3-7, 2004.


Effective methods in Algebra, Analysis, Geometry and Topology. Algorithmic Complexity.  Scientific Computation and symbolic-numerical methods, systems and software. Symbolic Computation. Applications to Science and Technology.

Scientific Committee

    María Emilia Alonso (Universidad Complutense) 

    Isabel Bermejo (Universidad de La Laguna)

    José Luis Bueso (Universidad de Granada) 

    Francisco J. Castro-Jiménez (Universidad de Sevilla)

    Joan Elías (Universidad de Barcelona)

    Philippe Gimenez (Universidad de Valladolid)

    Laureano González Vega (Universidad de Cantabria)

    Antonio Montes (Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña)

    Tomás Recio (Universidad de Cantabria)

    Julio Rubio (Universidad de La Rioja)

    Rafael Sendra (Universidad de Alcalá)

Important Dates   

        April 19:    Deadline for submissions. Extended to April 26
        May 28:     Acceptance/Rejection notification.
        June 14:    Registration deadline.
        July 1:       Meeting starts.

Invited Speakers
 Maria Emilia Alonso (Universidad Complutense, España)
 Robert Corless (University of Western Ontario, Canada)
 Michel Coste (Universite de Rennes I, Francia) [abstract]
 David Cox (Amherst College, USA)
[abstract] Sponsorized by Addlink, Software Científico
 Peter Olver (University of Minnesota, USA)
 Jose Luis Ruiz Reina (Universidad de Sevilla, España)
 Renaud Rioboo (Universite Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris VI), Francia)

Local Organizer                     

Laureano González Vega and
Tomas Recio
Departamento de Matemáticas, Estadística y Computación
Universidad de Cantabria



Language of the Conference
It is a Spanish meeting, but we are pleased and thankful to be accompanied by foreing friends, as it has been the case in the preceeding meetings of this series.  Thus, very often talks take place in Spanish with slides in English, or they are given just in English.


Further information and web page.
Further information will be posted on the web page for EACA-2004, at


bulletSubmissions and Participation
Participation is open to all people interested in the topics of the EACA. Contributions should refer to recent research work and could be of two different kinds:
--standard mathematical results on the Conference themes and related areas
--contributions regarding experimental mathematics (such as novel implementation of known algorithms, expermiental efficiency analysis and comparison of algorithmic or system performance, computer assisted proof or verification of conjectures, etc..)

Authors wishing to present  an oral communication at the EACA should only send a summary of their contribution, of less than 5 pages, before April 19, 2004.

Authors are asked to download the following  muestra.tex LaTeX file. The summary should be sent by electronic mail to

Authors will receive a notification from the Scientific Committee before May 28, 2004. A final version of the summary will be then asked to be send by the authors before  June 4, to be inclued in the Proceedings, which will have the status of mere internal documentation for the Meeting.

As in the last four EACA meetings (Tenerife-99, Barcelona-2000, Ezcaray-2001, Valladolid-2002), the accepted EACA2004 summaries could be published (after formally asking authors permission) at the ACM SIGSAM Bulletin and the electronic journal  TQ.

Accepted contributions should be presented by one of the contributing authors, for some estimated 20 minutes time, plus 5 minutes for questions and discussiones. The proceedings will not include those communications that are not orally presented.


The Conference venue will be the Faculty of Sciencies of the University of Cantabria, Avenida de los Castros, s/n, Santander, 39071, Spain.

Information about registration, travelling and lodging appears at the web page of
AFID-Congresos For registration, go directly to

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  1. A nice view of Santander is here The University is about one kilometer away from the nice beach in front of the picture.
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